Cream Carnations


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Have fun building your own arrangements, enhancing your creativity, connecting with nature and appreciating beauty from your own creation. 

Birthday gifts, mother’s day, celebrations or a romantic gesture, Carnations are the flower that symbolizes love. Deep red to show devotion or pink to show gratitude; expressing emotions with the colors of a flower is meaningful and thoughtful. These long-lasting flowers with ruffled petals and sweet fragrances are a cheerful addition to any flower vase.  

Since all our flowers go straight from the farms with its own packaging please follow these instructions for handling and care: 

  • The bunches will be packed in cardboard which will have to be removed as soon as the box arrives
  • Trim stems: The ideal way to condition your flowers is by trimming their stems at a 45* angle with putting shears.
  • Remove any leaves below the waterline of the vase. No leaves inside the water or the vase.
  • Pick a clean vase: That way, not only will your stunning flowers be on display, but they’ll also be bacteria-free. 

  • Remove 3 to 4 outer petals from the head of the rose. These petals serve as protection when traveling.
  • Change the water of the vase every other day. For even long lasting flowers, change it every day.