Your flowers need care after traveling Your flowers need care after traveling

Your flowers need care after traveling

As amazing as flowers are, they require proper care to thrive and live. Even after the flowers arrive at your doorstep, taking good care of them will ensure that they last longer.

Cutting stems

1. Trim Stems and Remove Leaves

The ideal way to condition your flowers is by trimming their stems at a 45* angle with putting shears. Also, make sure to remove any leaves below the waterline of the vase.

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2. Pick a clean vase

Always store your flowers in a clean and beautiful vase. That way, not only will your stunning flowers be on display, but they’ll also be bacteria-free. And don´t forget, no leaves inside the water or the vase.

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3. Empty Flower Food

The best way to keep your flowers alive for longer is to provide them with special flower food instead of turning to homemade remedies. To give your flowers food, simply fill in the base with water and stir in the food.




Prolong the life of your flowers by hanging the vase water every 2 days and trimming the stems from time to time.



Once your flowers are prepped in the vase, carefully select the area to put them up on display. Store your flowers in a cool area out of direct sunlight and keep it away from fruits and vegetables as they increase flower decay.