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As if it is trapped in a bubble, a beautiful 6.5cm preserved rose  in a cristal clear small dome. 

Perfect for gifting.


Relevant information about preserved roses care:

1. Storage conditions: Temperature between 15 to 35 °C and Moisture less than 80%

2. Color intensity can last up to 6 months when displayed indors (no direct sunlight or fluorescent light). For warehouses where roses are stored in boxes (not light), the color can last 18 months.

3. Do not submit to drastic temperature changes to avoid condensations.

4. Do not mix strong colors, they may combine.

5. In roses with stem, it is not recommended to place a preserved sepal in a pastel colored rose, it is better to paint it to avoid migration of color.

6. White roses may discolor other roses that are close, not neces- sarily in contact. (3cm apart)

7. Places with moisture changes, can generate a tearing of roses and stems when absolving moisture and expelling the preservation fluids. When seasons change this effect is common, however, the rose or stem will reach a new balance and will be useful again, it's important to clean the fluids that may have been expelled.

8. To remove stains on textiles, you can use alcohol and then wash them with Vanish.